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The Princess and the Poison will be on sale along with several other Gemma Halliday titles around Mother’s Day.

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Free for a Limited Time!

“Probable Claus:  A Storybook Park Short Mystery” is free for a limited time!

This holiday short story takes place after the events of The Princess and the Poison.

Probable Claus at Amazon


Cocktails in Camelot

Probable Claus

I’ve just released a Storybook Park Short Mystery on Amazon. It’s currently selling for 99 cents, but look out for a free promotion!

When the statue of Santa Claus from StoryWorld’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas set goes missing, owner Ashling Cleary has to figure out whodunit and why. The answers will surprise her.

This story takes place following the events of The Princess and the Poison.


I tend to not give a lot of physical description of my characters. When I read a book, I like to have a general idea of what a character looks like so I can picture him/her in my head, and then I want to move on to the story and see how the character fits in. So I follow this philosophy in my own work.

After all, you probably care what your love interest looks like (although this may become less important as the relationship progresses), but otherwise you most likely care more about how your friends and acquaintances (and maybe your Presidential candidate!) behave, and why.

In life and in books, I’m fascinated by the psychology behind a person’s actions. Why do people behave the way they do?

Even if it’s not explicitly stated, I want to know what motivates a character–what gets him/her out of bed in the morning. What would he fight for? What issue would she join a protest for? If a homeless person asks him for money, what does he do or say? What charities does she give to regularly, and why? What are his demons? What faults does she hope to overcome?

You get the idea. You may have read about the technique of interviewing your characters to get a sense of who they are. Even if you don’t use the information, you’re aware of it as you’re writing. It helps make each and every character multi-dimensional.

It’s something I want to really concentrate on as I move through the Storybook Park Mysteries. I’m looking forward to learning more about my characters. : )