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Of Day Jobs, Bingo, and The Spring Baking Championship on Food Network

Although most writers wish they could write full-time, the great majority of us need to hold down a day job.

I’m fortunate to have a part-time job that I can do by telecommute. I don’t have to drive anywhere, and I don’t have to work a full day. Still, sometimes I find the day job draining. It’s hard to transition to writing.

After I finish the day job, I do my best to turn to my creative side. And by creative side, I mean working out. And by working out, I mean playing bingo on gsn.com and watching The Spring Baking Championship on Food Network. Ha, ha.

I’m mostly kidding. I do indulge in game-playing at gsn.com as well as watching baking shows. And I work out six days a week. But I also push myself every weekday to accomplish at least *something* that’s related to my writing, whether it’s penning a poem or essay, or trying to market a previously-written piece.

As for bigger projects,  I’m currently writing a screenplay. It’s a Christmas movie I hope to sell to Hallmark or the like. This is my first attempt at screenwriting, and I’m still learning the basics of formatting. Wish me luck.

I need to start a project soon that I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about yet. All I’ll say for now is that it’s spring-related!





When Life Interferes with Writing

Life has been pretty crazy lately. I’m going to be moving for the third time in a year and a half, and my daily routines have been radically disrupted as I deal with house showings, inspections, and looking for new homes. Things will only get worse as I pack up and actually move.

So, how do I get my writing in? It’s been tough, to say the least. But I try to put in a couple of hundred words every day. I’m determined to get the sequel to “The Princess and the Poison” completed, even if it’s little by little.

I also read every night, which I figure is just as important as writing. Not only is reading vital to my well-being, I love that it counts as work!