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The Princess and the Poison will be on sale along with several other Gemma Halliday titles around Mother’s Day.

Stay tuned for details!


Castle Cake

This was my first attempt at a castle cake. It’s meant to be the StoryWorld Castle!

It was really pretty easy to make. The castle door is a miniature chocolate bar, and the turrets are ice cream cones.

Best of all, the cake was delicious! I used layers of both chocolate cake and yellow cake, and I frosted the whole thing with strawberry whipped cream.

I’m not especially good at cake decorating, but I think it’s fun. I might have Ashling take a cake decorating class in a future book.




I’m running another giveaway on Goodreads for “The Princess and the Poison”! It starts on Monday, September 19. It’s open to residents of the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Princess and the Poison by Carol E. Ayer


I confess that I often share bits of my meals with my cat, Sammie. If it’s chicken or fish that’s still hot, I blow on it before I give it to her!

Sammie inspired the character of Dinah in “The Princess and the Poison.” Just like Dinah, Sammie likes to sit with her left leg stretched out for me to admire. She is very proud of that ebony leg.

In the sequel (which I’m currently working on), Dinah is acting stressed and not behaving in quite her usual loving manner. In addition to solving a murder mystery, Ashling has to solve the mystery of her misbehaving cat!

Of course, Sammie never misbehaves! Just kidding. She actually misbehaves quite a lot. But I love her dearly, just as Ashling loves Dinah.